Coconut Mylk (2 Juicerless Recipes)

Coconut Milk courtesy of Pixabay

You can make coconut milk with the recipes below using a Nut Mylk Bag.  The pulp makes great additions to cookies, breakfast crumbles, crackers etc. You can freeze the coconut pulp until you have time to dehydrate it.

Coconut Milk (from Scratch)


Meat from one mature brown Coconut

1 C. of Water, or enough to cover the coconut meat in the Blender

Nut Mylk Bag


Slice brown skin off the coconut meat and chop into manageable pieces and place the coconut meat into the blender.

Pour the water until it just covers the coconut. Blend until all the coconut pieces have been converted to pulp.

Pour through the Bag from the Blender into a jug, 'milking it' to draw out all fresh creamy liquid.

Store the coconut milk in the fridge for up to 2-3 days. Sweetener can be added at the blending stage if desired.

Fresh coconut milk can be used in smoothies, on cereal, in ice creams and in savoury recipes such as raw vegan coconut mayo.

The leftover pulp can be used in cakes, breads and biscuits or dried and used in any way that desiccated coconut is. The wet pulp can also be frozen until required.  (thanks to Klomasius at Raw Food Talk for this recipe).

COCONUT MYLK (from Coconut Shreds)

Simply put about a cup of coconut Shreds in your blender and cover with water.  Blend up.  Add more water to gain the consistency you desire.  Filter through the Juicerless Bag.  Store as above.

With a Nut Mylk Bag and a blender you are set to make fresh, vibrant, vitamin- and mineral-filled fruit and vegetable juices, nut mylks, jellies, and more!

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Go Juicerless!
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