Fresh From Scratch Cranberry-Apple Cocktail (against Bladder Infections)

That burning sensation commonly called "cystitis" is the bane of many, adults and children.  It frequently signals that the bladder has likely been infiltrated by a micro-organism and that inflammation is at work.  Frequent urges to pee, an intense burning feeling while peeing, lower abdominal pain, and having to go off and on all night long are strong symptoms of a bladder/urinary tract infection. 

It's a great idea to stop eating all sweets and refined carbs (including white flour products) if you have any infections since sugar is an immune system suppressant.  To get and stay well you will need to follow a healthy immune-strengthening diet, including a good plant-food base (if you can't handle being entirely vegan) and lots of fluids and antioxidants.  Cranberries have a substance in them that helps keep the bladder walls so slippery that bacteria cannot cling and grow there, and is just normally excreted.

Commercial Cranberry juices can keep the infection going... they contain very little cranberry in their actual makeup and a lot of sweetener (including fructose).  Raw cranberry juice is the absolute best juice... it is sour but a sweet raw apple will sweeten it up!  Add a little stevia to sweeten, if you find it too unbearably tart (it's actually something that many people "acquire a taste for".)

I use frozen cranberries and let a half-cup thaw in the fridge for juicing.  The recipe is simple (and make a grand Christmas cocktail as well!):

  • 1/2 C. Raw (fresh or thawed) Cranberries
  • 3-4 Sweet fresh Apples, cored and chopped
  • Stevia to sweeten, if necessary
Whirr up in your blender until the consistency of fresh apple sauce.  Pour into juicerless bag and wring into bowl or other glass container.  Add small amount of stevia if required, or more apples.  Compost the pulp or refrigerate for a short time, pour boiling water over, strain, and drink as a mild tea (you can add a little stevia to this as well, and stir with a cinnamon stick).

Here are some other sources of information about Cranberries:
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