Merry Month of May Juicerless Recipe Collection: Mango Joy Juice, Frosted Coco Mylk, and RAWkin' Blondies

In the Merry Month of May we indeed have much to celebrate in the Northern Hemisphere-- all life is bursting forward, summer is on the verge. Our hearts do, though, go out to the victims of the tornadoes in Oklahoma. They will not have such great memories of this May.

 Here are three super delicious and nutritious Juicerless recipes-- each of which is made using a Juicerless Nut Mylk Bag somewhere within the process.   The Mango Joy Juice Recipe of course involves straining the juice of fresh mango with a nut mylk bag.  The yummy RAWKIN' Blondies are tasty raw dessert bars that use Almond Mylk Pulp instead of the usual wheat flour-- that makes them rawkin' Gluten-Free!  And the very delicious and icy Frosted Coco Mylk has a foundation of pure, home-made Almond Mylk, made of course with a Nut Mylk Bag. 

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I'm not usually this elaborate (and hope everything loads properly) but here is a little tutorial in photos on how to make Mango Joy Juice...

Start with these nice ripe organic ingredients:

  • 3 Apples, cored and chopped
  • 1 Orange, peeled and seeded
  • 1 Lemon, peeled and seeded
  • 3 Mango, peeled and sliced
  • 1 ripe banana, cut in chunks
  • 1-2 Cups of Filtered Water (8-16 ounces)
Here is what the chopped Mango looks like (I will look at this in the winter):

Put everything into the carafe of a good blender (I use a Vitamix-- check it out by clicking the tab that says Vitamix):
    Liquify all the ingredients in the blender with filtered Water (or do your best-- get a great mush)

Next, put it through the Nut Mylk Bag by suspending it over a large pitcher or bowl:
And then is the Fun Part-- "milk" and wring that bag with your bare (clean!) hands, squeezing all the lovely, sweet, sticky, juicy golden liquid out that you can!  This will take a while!
You can see that there are some ice cubes on the bottom of this glass... this is your ultimate summer fruit drink!  No processed sugars added!  Go ahead and make some popsicles!
BE Beauty
RAWkin' Blondies
This raw vegan confection is yummy and easy to make!  All you need is the ingredients and a food processor (even the kind you will find at garage sales or on Craig's List-- where I bought mine several years ago from a priest who was upgrading to a Vitamix).  NO Baking! NO Gluten!  Go HERE to get the detailed instructions.  These are great little recipe bars for those summer hikes!


Frosted Coco Mylk
Just a brief little "tutorial" for this... 
to show you what brand name ingredients to use if you want to replicate the same yummy results that we got in this house:
 My hubby is a big fan of Brendan Brazier, the Raw Vegan Ultra-marathoner from North Vancouver, BC.  So we generally have a bunch of different Vega powders like the one in the picture here.  You get about 50% of your necessary Vitamins and Minerals from this one.  It's dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and there is no sugar added (they use Stevia-- but there is not bitter aftertaste).  This Vanilla Chai flavour is just lovely.  If you are looking for a Plant-Based Protein / Nutritional Powder, you can't go wrong with the VEGA products. (They should hire me, right?)  The Camino Fairtrade Organic Hot Chocolate Powder is the only Cocoa I had in the house... it has organic cane sugar and dry milk powder in it so will not suit everyone.  It is, however, such a lovely, lovely addition to this recipe that for those who CAN tolerate sugar and dairy, do use it.  Or use regular unsweetened cocoa or cacao powder or even carob powder would work.

  •  3/4 C. Almond Milk
  •  1 scoop Vega Vanilla Chai Powder
  • 1 scoop Camino Organic Fairtrade Instant Dark Hot Chocolate powder
  • About 15 ice cubes
  • and 1/2 very ripe Avocado
So, make your own Almond Milk first (using a couple of pitted dates if you want it sweet and strain it through the Juicerless Mylk Nut Bag

Then add all the ingredients to the Blender and blend until it's about the same consistency as the one at that fast-food place that starts with W-----.  It tastes like a classed-up adult version of that, and without the high fructose corn sugar buzz and crash.  

Double the recipe if you want to share :)

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Have a great time until we meet again!

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