Juicerless Harvest Recipes- Hazelnut Mylk, Harvest Green Juice & Fudgy Dessert

On the West Coast of Canada we have had an amazing run for summer-- hot, sultry, sunny, blue-skyed-- almost unheard of and record-breaking.  But there is that scent of autumn in the air, nonetheless, and most of us are harvesting tomatoes, and other delicious fruits, nuts, and veggies.  This month's featured Juicerless recipes are all harvest fare-- delicious Hazelnut Mylk, zingy Harvest Juicerless Juice, and a Fudgy Frozen Dessert that is reminiscent of summer but can be eaten all year long!  Besides the groceries and harvested items, all you really need to pull these recipes off is a blender and a Nut Mylk Bag! 


This juice is elegantly simple but it packs a big energy punch, and is a lovely combination of spicy, juicy, sweet, clean, and crisp.  You can see all the ingredients to the left.  All you need to do is a little peeling, a little chopping, and BLEND!  Then pour the blended gathering through your Juicerless Nut Mylk Bag, and VOILA!  You're good to go!

~2 Fresh, crisp Apples
~3 Ribs of Celery (and leaves, if desired)
~4 Fresh Collard Leaves (or Kale will do)
~1 Finger-length of Ginger, pealed, chopped
~2-3 C. Filtered Water
~Shot of Maple Syrup for those with sweet tooth

(You could add ice cubes to the blender, if you want, and it should make enough for 2 adults)


You don't see much Hazelnut Mylk in cartons in the stores.  Interesting, because most of us in my neighbourhood on Vancouver Island North have at least one hazelnut tree in our backyard.  They don't seem to be fussy or tropical, and they are good producers, so one wonders why they aren't less expensive (check out the cost to buy raw hazelnuts at your Health Food store) and more prevalent as a dairy sub in forms other than Nutella (btw, yum).  In any case, here is your opportunity to try making your own-- again, all you really need is a blender and a nut bag, and, um, a dehydrator would be good (or maybe you could use your neighbour's).  Click here for the delicious recipe!

(made with leftover hazelnut pulp)
This yummy dessert is simple to make once you have the nut pulp-- and if you don't you can still use nut meal instead (although it does mean you need to play a little with the ingredients).  Click here to grab this recipe.

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Go Juicerless!
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