Be Kind To Your Kidneys With This Lovely Detox Juice!

I'm doing a bit of a water-fast (three days) and looking forward to transitioning to some nice soothing, clean juices starting tomorrow.  The kidneys are one of the body's hard-working filters, striving to keep the body clear of substances that are not required for healthy life, thank you very much!

The recipe for a kidney detoxifying juice in the above video really appeals to me.  The poor kidneys take quite a beating during the holiday-- here is some of what they might well be subjected to during a time of celebration, over-consuming and "fun" partying:
  • heavy fat attacks-- animal fats such as cheese, milk, yogurts, butter, eggs, meat, fish (yes, even fish), and poultry in all those yummy treats.  Probably even more "healthy" vegetarian fats than are easily digested: avocado, nuts, olives, cooking oils...
  • too much processed food: food manufactured to resemble "mom's homecooking" but with many times more sugars and salt and strong spices
  • food additives
  • alcohol
  • caffeine
  • late nights/little rest (when we sleep is when the bulk of the kidneys' work takes place)
  • medications and over-the-counter 'fixes' for headaches, hangovers, indigestion, colds, etc.
  • etc... chemical pollutants in non-organically grown veggies and meats, flu viruses and bacteria
So, think carefully about giving your hard-labouring life-saving kidneys a break and let them be revitalized by the super-ingredients in Drew's juice.  And remember that you only need a blender and a Nut Mylk Bag to make a great, nutritious Juice like this one!  Have a very Happy, Healthy New Year!

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Go Juicerless!
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