June Cleavers Pineapple Juice Recipe

I thought this was a catchy little title-- June Cleavers is the famous mother of 'Beaver Cleaver' of the 50s TV show, Leave it to Beaver'.

It so happens that CLEAVERS are a nutritious wild edible.  The cleavers in my yard grow all around my compost bin and in various locations in my garden beds.  I jokingly called it "Velcro Weed" because the pinwheel leaves are fairly adhesive (with no goo about them) and it produces burrs that come in on the dog and your children's socks.
Photo by Mike Pennington licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license 
As a juice or smoothie ingredient, the cleavers have a fresh, but neutral flavour.  They colour the drink with the palest of fresh greens.  USE ONLY THE FRESHEST LEAF TIPS (don't worry about running out, if you have them in your yard you will have lots for juice.


Fresh Pineapple Chunks
Fresh Cleavers
Fresh Cold Water
Sweetener if desired

Mix together the quantities that fit for you-- I would start with a small handful of Cleavers and maybe a 1/2 C. of pineapple with about a 1/2 C. of water per serving.  Whirl up.  Strain through a juicer bag and enjoy!

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