Rescue Your Liver with Celery Juice Every Morning!

Our very health-motivated younger son, age 45, recently introduced us to drinking Celery Juice every morning at our place!  We joke that he has become a celervangelist!

 You know that we already drink Chris Wark's Anti-Cancer Smoothie. Now we drink the Celery Juice, then I put the pulp from the celery (ORGANIC) celery into the anti-cancer smoothie and drink it about a half hour after the celery juice.

 The Celery Juice cleanse/detox is heavily promoted by Anthony Williams, AKA (branded as) "The Medical Medium". You can read a lot about him by googling. My husband is currently reading his book called"LIVER RESCUE".

 Celery Juice is supposed to be good for clearing toxins from the over-taxed liver, one of our body's major cleansing organs, thereby helping to detox, reverse and prevent a huge slate of illnesses.

Here are a couple of ways you can make the morning celery juice (a third way is to pour the blended celery into a fine mesh collander and work it through that way).

Anyhow, ask us in six months if the Celery Juice detox worked, okay?  In the meantime, it is a mild and refreshing start to the day and the pulp in the smoothie really helps to keep us from being hungry.

Go Juicerless!

Go Juicerless!
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